Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Photographies De Nain

Фотоснимки Nain

Φωτογραφίες Nain

De Foto's van Nain

Nain 相片

Nain 相片

Nain은 사진을 찍는다

Nain は撮影する

Fotograf�as De Nain

Fotografias De Nain

Fotografie Di Nain

Nain Fotographien

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nain Photographie

Sunday, January 15, 2006

taken in the 1960's, from Val Webb (Bill Webb's daughter)

HTTP://PORTHOPESIMPSON.BLOGSPOT.COM ORAL HISTORY as recalled by Mrs. Kathleen Mina Squire (formerly James, known as Bunty James) interviewee, who lived in Port Hope Simpson in 1935 as a guest of her life-long friend, Katie Doreen Williams, daughter of J. O. Williams. Interviewed by Llewelyn Pritchard in the company of John (grandson of J.O. Williams) and Sheila Illsley;11 January 2003

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Grasswork of Labrador, traditional innuit hat, Newfoundland and Labrador Art Gallery

Gilbert Hay and Father Peter, Nain

snow knife with wooden scabard, Newfoundland and Labrador Art Gallery, 1985 Gilbert Hay

John Teryak carvings

John Teryak or Chesley Flower?

The George River Herd, Newfoundland and Labrador Art Gallery 1996 by Chesley Flower

The George River Herd, Newfoundland and Labrador Art Gallery 1996 by Chesley Flower

Anthony Howell, vso teacher, care and medical staff, Nain and North West River 1960-61

Dr. Jim Hiller, vso teacher and general staff (near Nain 1962), 1962-63 e-mail address:
Matthew Young, vso teacher 1962-63 & 1965-66 e-mail
Jeremy Allerton, vso teacher Nain 1963-64

John Penny, vso teacher e-mail address: 1966-67
Jean Lyall (Eldon)vso teacher 1967-69 e-mail Address:
Susan Bird, vso teacher 1967-68 e-mail address:

Sandra Johnson(Crutchley), vso teacher Nain 1968-69

Peggy McDermott, vso teacher 1969-70

Fiona Anderson (Kitwood), vso teacher 1969-70 (case of mistaken ID)

Kate Hettasch, teacher

children, Nain 1960's

shack in Nain

holing wood, Nain

Kate Hettasch and class

women of Nain choir at Joey's, 1967

part of Nain band at Joey's, 1967

Jerry Sillett at home

outer end of Nain, early 1970's

Air traffic in Nain, early 1970's